Epiphany Marketing Book

Epiphany Marketing

Epiphany Marketing is more than a marketing book, it offers insight into ways each of us can transcend the routine ways we approach our organization and broader world so we can connect with others at a deeper level. The book challenges us to take a courageous look at our core beliefs and values, then use those truths to share the unique benefit we bring to the world.

Are you a CEO who is looking to reinvigorate your organizational culture? Perhaps a marketer looking to communicate the essence of your brand? An individual looking to find your own purpose? This book is designed to help you find deeper meaning and boldly own it.

Food For Thought

Imagine a time when you went with your gut. Think about the feelings, the sensations and the related thoughts that something just felt right. Often, we can’t explain why something feels right or wrong, but it turns out that your decision to follow the feeling in your gut is often the right one.

A rarely discussed reality is that our stomachs have more than 100 million nerve cells that comprise the enteric nervous system. This system interacts with the brain through a neural circuit that allows exchanging of information in a matter of seconds, often unnoticed. Although most don’t believe that our stomachs provide guidance – science has shown that most of the signals from the stomach is information that is transmitted to the brain.

Most are surprised to learn that our guts operate as a second brain that influences everything from the way we think and memory to our mood and long-term health. This book is mean to stimulate new thinking about the role of this wildly untapped sensory center and how we can apply it to the improve marketing, as well as broader organizational outcomes.

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